Our History

New ideas pass through three periods:

  1. It can’t be done
  2. It probably won’t work
  3. I knew it was a good idea all along

— Arthur C. Clark

shutterstock_143964364-72 And it was a new idea that spawned Morph Design. Morph’s history is deeply rooted in extensive experience and expertise in Clinical Laboratory Operations and Biomedical Research. This was followed by the Planning and Design of greater than 1.3 million sf of Pathology, Clinical Laboratory Medicine and Research Environment space since our inception in 2004.
KPRRL-SC-72 Prior to establishing Morph Design, Jeff Shulkin, Morph’s Principal, served as Laboratory Manager of Cellular Pathology at Kaiser Permanente’s Regional Reference Laboratory in Southern California. During his 21-year tenure, Jeff served as the Laboratory Client Representative for approximately 200,000 sf of laboratory remodels and new construction projects.
shutterstock_78057448-72 Jeff perceived that operational issues critical to the planning and design of laboratories were not being addressed in the Planning and Design process, or were being explored too late in the process to be considered and integrated into plans.
shutterstock_102159385-72 Throughout many projects, Jeff captured key issues and integrated them into the next Kaiser Lab project. He went on to establish Morph Design, Inc. and developed Morph’s Planning and Design system, Creating the Evolving Laboratory℠.