Laboratory Technology

What is design?

It’s where you stand with one foot in two worlds – the world of technology and the world of people and human purposes – and you try to bring the two together.

— Mitchell Kapor


As proponents of Mitchell Kapor’s perspective on design, Morph begins design projects with a detailed understanding of present and future laboratory technology requirements. Consider the following regarding what Morph knows to be true about laboratory technology and how Morph responds to and leverages laboratory technology.

Abbot Architect i 1000SR Immunoassay Analyzer Morph Design has an ever-expanding database of 3D images and renderings of instruments used to graphically illustrate and communicate the proposed laboratory design
Siemens Advia2120i Analyzer Laboratory Technology is the single greatest driver of laboratory space requirements and Work Flow
Becton Dickinson Bactec FX Analyzer Morph has its finger on the pulse of emerging laboratory technologies
Cobe 2991 CellWasher Laboratory Technology continually changes, impacting space and work flow
Helmer UltraCW Cellwash Morph Design has developed a Laboratory Instrument Database that includes the Technical Specifications for thousands of instruments
BectonDickinson Bactec FX Analyzer Morph Design’s Laboratory Instrument Database includes Square Footage Algorithms that determine the actual square footage required for operating each instrument in situ, by laboratory function
Siemens ClinitekAtlas Analyzer Carousel Morph Design’s proprietary Space Programming System is based on our Square Footage Algorithms, thus, removing the guesswork from Space Programming
BectonDickinson Phoenix Morph seeks to solve problems first with Laboratory Technology and efficiencies, then square footage